She’s GROWING so fast!

ImageHow is it one day you look at your baby and think she’s so tiny and the next day you look at her and think oh my she has grown! Yes, I know she’s still small she’s finally hit 10lbs but she’s finally busing out of her newborn clothes because of how long she is! I know that it’s not the norm for your baby to wear newborn clothes for almost 11 weeks, but we have gotten so use to her being small it’s a little bittersweet. Thankfully she has Grandmas that LOVE to shop for her so she has plenty of clothes.

Adilynn has also started cooing! She loves to tell Mommy about what her and Daddy did all day long. This is a favorite time of both Mommy and Daddy. We get to watch her do this at lunch and when Mommy gets home daily. She’s also started kicking her legs like crazy when she gets excited! This is really cute in the bath when she splashes and then is confused about the splashing! Image

We are trying to enjoy every second of her being small and all of her firsts, because she is changing so quickly!! Image




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