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Why can’t she just act her age?!?!

Why is it I have the kid that refuses to act their age?

Dear Adilynn,

You are only 6 months old start acting like it!

Love, Mommy!!!

At six months old most babies are just starting to sit up on their own. Adilynn is already crawling. She has weened herself off the bottle, and can drink out of a cup (with help). She prefers to sleep in her crib instead of snuggling with Mommy and Daddy in their bed. I have no idea where she gets this independence :)! It’s a double edge sword! I love how her personality is showing through but I really want her to still act little!

Some of the other accomplishments that I do like are: she is figuring out what the word “no” means… she does think it’s funny. She can say “mama”, she loves to splash in the bath, she can eat items that dissolve easily, and she loves to talk! Here are some of our favorite pictures that we have taken recently!